March 12, 2020

Hill Castle International School remains open

Only one international school remains open in the Czech Republic. Following the closure of schools by Andrej Babiš in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, only Hill Castle International School remains open for unmodified, daily lessons.


Hill Castle’s students study online year-round and have been unaffected by the risks of contracting Coronavirus at school. HCIS families have benefitted from the ability to continue to study and prepare for exams without interruption or delay. HCIS has seen a heavy increase in immediate transfers into its American curriculum school due to the virus’ effect on traditional schools.


“Our international teachers are experts at delivering top quality lessons online. We continue to challenge our students and to develop their skills without interruption.”
– Vladimira Moseley, Director of Academics


The current worldwide health precautions have brought online learning to students of both public and private schools everywhere. The students and staff at Hill Castle are proudly at the front of this movement. What previously was considered an alternative style of education has become ubiquitous in a matter of weeks.


Learn more about Hill Castle’s online American curriculum for ages 5-18 at


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