Coronavirus LATEST NEWS

Coronavirus LATEST NEWS

1. Quarantine for all in the Czech Republic – only possible to go to work, shopping and to the hospital


Full quarantine has been announced throughout the Czech Republic since Sunday midnight on 15th  March and will last until Tuesday 26th  March 6:00 am. It is possible to go out for the purpose of work, shopping, hospital or to visit your nearest family.


2. Prohibiton on going out without covering the mouth and nose in the Czech republic


The Czech government has barred going out in public without covering one’s mouth and nose from midnight on Wednesday 18th March 2020 for all people residing in the territory of the Czech Republic, except in-line skaters, cyclists and e.g. tennis players (but they are not allowed to use changing rooms and showers).


3.Prohibition of entry into the Czech Republic for foreigners


Prohibition of entry into the Czech Republic for foreigners has been applied from 16th  March midnight, and it will apply to all foreigners with the exception of foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or permanent residence in the Czech Republic.


4.Prohibition of travelling abroad for Czech citizens


People will not be able to travel abroad from the Czech Republic after Sunday 15th March, midnight because of coronavirus measures.


5.Prohibition of cross-border transport


From Saturday 16th March, traveling abroad will be restricted to passenger cars only, as cross-border bus, train and ferry passenger transport will be suspended. The new measures will also affect international air passenger transport.


6.Closure of pubs and restaurants

The government decided to close shops in Czech republic with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, petrol stations hobbymarkets, cycling shops and shops with building suplies. The measure should last until Thursday, 30th April .


7.Closure of gyms, swimming pools and sport areas


Gyms, swimming pools and sport areas and events over 30 people are prohibited from Friday 13th  March until Thursday, 30th April. E.g. tennis courts are open.


8.Border controls


Border controls were applied from the Saturday 14th March and will run until Wednesday, 18th March 23:59.


9.Postponement of tax return and loan repayments


It is possible to postponement tax return and loan repayments if the barrier to payment is due to coronavirus. People and companies will be able to submit their tax returns three months later without penalty by 1st  July.


10.The spread of coronavirus is a criminal act


On Friday 13th March the government of Czech republic placed coronavirus on the list of infectious diseases whose spread is a crime. In the strictest paragraph of the Criminal Code, up to twelve-year prison sentence is punished for the intentional spread of the disease.


11. Prohibiton on the export of medicines


The Government prohibited export of medicine abroad during the emergency state by decree of the Government no. 104/2020 coll. The Regulation entered into force on the day of its publication – 17th March 2020 and will expire at the end of the state of emergency.


12. The Czech National Bank will negotiate with banks to postpone the maturity of mortgages

13. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs annouced programme called “Antivirus”

This programme which starts in March will help employers to prevent redundancies.


Mode A – For quarantined employees. Compensation of wages or salaries will be paid to employees in the amount of 60% of the average assessment base. The employer will be provided with the full compensation.

Scheme B – Inability to assign work to employees due to government emergency measures. Wage or salary compensation paid to employees in the amount of 100%. The employer will receive a contribution equal to 80% of the paid salary.


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