Help when relative dies in Czech Republic

Help when relative dies in Czech Republic

As more and more of foreigners live and travel to the Czech Republic the need to solve often very stressful situations regarding death of a relative occurs frequently. The families and/or friends of the deceased person in the Czech Republic often live abroad and are not able to deal with such complicated situation at distance.


Expat Advisors decided, upon frequent demand, to introduce the complete new RELATIVE PACKAGE. Under this service we offer for the relatives or friends of a person who passed away in the Czech Republic the complete service in respect to the solution of the demanding situation. We can also assist in case when someone dies abroad and his/hers survivors want to transport the body (repatriation) to the Czech Republic.


We are fully reliable company and we closely cooperate with our legal branch rutland & partners in connection with Czech legal issues. With us you can be sure that the given situation will be dealt smoothly and in a most professional way by an experienced team which will ensure decent, efficient and fully legal solution to your case.

Key contacts

Michal Dobiáš is our legal expert in the field of  civil law, especially wills & trusts. He is able tu assist you through the whole proces of dealing with authorities.


His collegaue Ondřej Kříž is here to help you with the practical side such as organization of a funeral or transport of the body to a foreign country.

In detail

Death of a relative or a friend in the Czech Republic; in this case we offer:

Obtaining of a Czech death certificate from the hospital or a doctor (in case the person died at home). We also can arrange for a translation and appostille of such document.


We can arrange repatriation of the loved one from the Czech Republic to foreign country (please note that this a complicated and costly procedure and will take several weeks). The transfer of bodies is ruled in case of some countries by the „Agreement on the Transfer of Corpses“ signed by 23 countries (e.g. Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey). Under this agreement we arrange the laissez-passer for a body of the deceased, i.e. the passport for a body with information regarding the person, death, type of transport,country of origin and destination country. The rest of the countries such as USA, UK, Canada or Australia have their own guidances.


We can also offer translation services in case of organizing it in the Czech Republic.


We can also help with thanatopraxy (a conservation proces) mandatory in case of transfer of the body from Europe to the USA).


We can also arrange a funeral services in the Czech Republic through a cremation. In case of a cremation we can also arrange a transport of the ashes to the chosen country. In case a burial in the Czech Republic is chosen, Prague offers in total 70 cemeteries with huge possibility of choices (to grave, in urn, storage of urn in columbarium or urn grove, scattering of ashes). We are ready to assist you in all the above types of burial services. In addition, we are able to organize the scattering of ashes of your loved ones anywhere in Europe – seas, forests, mountains

Implementation of a Czech will, in this case we offer:

  • Representation of relatives or other heirs in front of a Czech notary and court in order to finalize the inheritance procedure in the quickest possible time (both will or intestate) in coordination with our wills & trusts expert Michal Dobiáš (probate expert)
  • Representation of heirs in court if the inheritance is challenged by 3rd persons (through our legal branch rutland &partners)
  • Location of heirs in the Czech Republic
  • Location of possibly deceased person or his/hers assets in the Czech Republic (in coordination with experienced real estate team from rutland & partners, law firm)
  • Administering of the deceased estate until the finalization of the inheritance procedure (the inheritance procedure in the Czech Republic can take many months and the property must be taken care off in the meantime). We offer this service through our legal branch rutland & partners .
  • Administering of foreign wills in the Czech Republic in case the deceased had assets in the Czech Republic (the inheritance of real estate located in the Czech Republic will be always governed by Czech law).