rutland & partners is a leading Czech immigration law firm with over 9 years of experience in business and personal immigration matters. We help our clients to obtain, maintain and defend their residence rights in the Czech Republic. At the same time, we provide advisory services to international companies when creating relocation plans for their businesses that include transfer of employees from abroad.


As the Czech immigration policy became recently very restrictive, it is necessary to prepare all documents for any type of Czech visa application or its extension professionally, and pay close attention to any required documents. In addition, in case of a rejection of an application either for initial entry visa or prolongation of long-term residency permit, the participation of well qualified and experienced Czech immigration appeal lawyer in the appeal procedure is absolutely necessary.


Please note that there are many visa agencies on the Czech market that sell companies (s.r.o.) and promise to obtain visa for their clients just on the basis of the ownership of such company. However, it is almost impossible to succeed and obtain visa this way, unless you provide the relevant embassy with a sufficient proof that you are going to do a real business and will employ Czech employees in the Czech Republic. Since the satisfaction of our clients is at the first place for us, we will never promise to any of our clients anything that cannot be fulfilled.


In additon, due to the complexity of prolongation of both Czech business and work visas, the clients should carefully consider using non specialized agencies as the result of Czech visa prolongation can be devastating and cannot be easily remedied.

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Marta studied law at the University of West Bohemia. After her practice at the law firm she started working as a Judge Assistant at the Municipal Court. At the end of 2013 she passed the Judicial Exam.

At rutland & partners she provides legal services to the international clients in the area of immigration law and citizenship.

Marta provides legal assistance in the immigration matters, especially in the visa matters obtaining, short/long-term residence and permanent residence. She also provides legal advice in case of extension of certain types of residency in CR which are listed above.

She can provide an assistance to the foreigners with obtaining a work permission and an employment or blue card.

In the citizenship matters she represents clients with permanent residence in the administrative procedure of obtaining a Czech citizenship. Marta can provide a legal advice also for children and grandchildren of Czech and Czechoslovak citizens who are applying for Czech citizenship on the basis of their Czech origin.




Relocation: Legal support for individuals


It is difficult to comply with the complex legal rules applicable to all expats who intend to reside legally in the Czech Republic. We make sure that your paperwork is in order and accompany you to the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, foreign police, etc.


• Business – long-term visas and residence permits
• Employment in the Czech Republic – employee cards, blue cards, intracompany transfers, work permits, recognition of foreign education
• Family reunification – long-term visas and residence permits, including EU/Czech family members
• EU citizens – confirmation of temporary residence permit, non-EU spouses, registered partnership, dependents
• Study – long-term visas and residence permits for non-EU students
• Permanent residence permits – for EU and non-EU citizens
• Change of purpose of residence
• Appeals – rejection of long-term visas, residence permits



Relocation: Legal support for corporate clients


Speed and accuracy is the key. We understand that time is money, and so the longer it takes to transfer the necessary employees from abroad to the Czech Republic, the more your prepared business plan suffers. We will create a step-by-step immigration process plan focused on relocation of entire foreign business branches or individual employees and their family members. We can handle the relocation of large amounts of employees thanks to rutland & partners’ professional and experienced team members and their administrative support – ensuring deadlines are always kept and a high standard of services is maintained.


• Employment from the employer’s point of view, representation at Labor Office
• Business – opening new branch & hiring foreign employees, transferring the whole business branches
• Fast track project
• Advisory to HR specialists



Expats already residing in the Czech Republic


Having difficulties with extension of your residence permit due to constantly changing laws is nothing that unusual even for long-term residents in the Czech Republic. Any notifications from the Ministry of Interior in connection with residence permit extension indicate professional help should be sought.

• Extension of visa, residence permit
• Permanent residence permit
• Appeals
• Citizenship applications



Czech citizenship


You can obtain Czech citizenship if you have been residing in the Czech Republic for nearly 10 years, or if you have Czech ancestors who left the country in the past 100 years – both types of clients can turn to us with the goal of obtaining a Czech passport, and to have free access to the countries of the European Union. Even if you don’t qualify for obtaining Czech citizenship through ancestry, your residence status can be upgraded by obtaining the permanent residence permit through being a member of a Czech compatriot community.


• Czech citizenship for permanent residents
• Czech citizenship through ancestry
• permanent residence permit based on membership in a Czech compatriot community abroad
• registration of Czech birth and marriage certificates
• recognition of foreign divorce of a Czech Citizen



Digital nomads


The Czech Government has approved a new immigration programme which enables digital nomads to obtain Czech visas more easily. Digital nomads from certain countries can obtain embassy appointment and subsequently a visa in an expedited manner (45 days). The programme only applies to citizens of certain countries (USA, UK, Canada, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan) and requires sufficient level of income as well as education or experience within the IT field. The programme also covers family members of the main applicant. The visa is valid for a year and can be extend before expiration.


  • Obtaining Czech visa for digital nomads and their families
  • Extension of visa

rutland & partners

rutland & partners is supporting its affiliate Expat Advisors s.r.o. with legal services in the Czech Republic. Law firm rutland & partners has been on the market 9 years (formerly law firm rutland jezek). In course of its existence it has advised hundreds of expats and foreigners in connection with Czech immigration, real estate, family, employment law and wills & trusts. It has extensive experience with all expat and foreigner issues in the Czech Republic from Czech long term visa, divorce in the Czech Republic, Czech child custody issues and expat employment terminations. It had also completed over 200 real estate purchases and sales of apartments and houses in Prague both for expats and foreigners.