Marta Malinovská

Marta Malinovská


Marta Malinovská works at rutland & partners since 2017. Her specialization is immigration law, Czech visas and citizenship agenda.

After studying law and subsequent practice in a law firm, Marta had been working as an assistant judge at the Municipal Court, and at the end of 2013 she passed a professional judicial examination. She now works as an attorney at law.

At rutland & partners she provides legal services to the international clients in the area of immigration law and citizenship.

Marta provides legal assistance in the immigration matters, especially in the visa matters obtaining, short/long-term residence and permanent residence. She also provides legal advice in case of extension of certain types of residency in CR which are listed above.

She can provide an assistance to the foreigners with obtaining a work permission and an employment or blue card.

In the citizenship matters she represents clients with permanent residence in the administrative procedure of obtaining a Czech citizenship. Marta can provide a legal advice also for children and grandchildren of Czech and Czechoslovak citizens who are applying for Czech citizenship on the basis of their Czech origin.

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