Pavol Kehl

Pavol Kehl

Attorney at Law

Pavol Kehl has been advising foreign clients since 2010. From 2015 he is a fully qualified attorney registered with the Czech Bar Association. He is an expert on immigration law when it comes to preparing appeals and actions, dealing with clients who happened to be illegaly in Czech republic or whom the Ministry of Interior intended to cancel the residence, application on asylum and detention proces. Practical experience with hundreds of appeals against the Ministry of Interior and Foreign polices all around Czech republic is probably his best background, since the situations in which clients get caught with are repeating, so he can presumably estimate the result of the proces. The appeals were prepared for any kind of residences – longterm residences, permanent residences, blue or employee card, etc. When client is coming already too late he is skilled in actions against the declined appeals with the focus on the possibility granting the client residence until the proces is over. He helped many clients in conflict with Ministry of Interior when asking for a breach visa and also happened to cancel some of the issued departure orders by the MoI as well when the decision of the Ministry of Interior is unlawful.


He has already prepared dozens of appeals in the processes of:


• Longterm residence (all the purposes – studies, business, family reunification, etc.)
• Employee card (together with the appeals against the negative decisions on the application on Change of the Employer or Job or Taking up Employment in an Additional job)
• Temporary residence of the EU citizen
• Permanent residence – both for EU or non-EU citizens
• Blue card
• Deportation
• Detention related with the deportation
• The decision on the obligation to leave the Czech republic
• The asylum proces – actions


For all the situations mentioned above he also prepared the actions to the court


He is also an expert on criminal law, mostly dealing with the drug offences, DWI, assaults, … It is very important to deal with the criminal issues properly, since that can cause the dificulties with the residence as well. By other words – the best solution for czech nationals in the criminal process might not be the best one for expats, since their intention is also keeping the residence safely.

In detail

Bars and Courts

  • Czech Bar Association


  • Charles University, Faculty of Law, 2010
  • The University of Iceland, Faculty of Law, 2008 – 2009

Language skills

  • Czech
  • English